Our Practice

Clover Medical Clinic is a collaborative family practice

in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Providing the best possible medical care to patients is our foremost priority. In order to serve all of our patients optimally, we ask all patients to review and follow our policies.



Our patient rosters are at full capacity at this time. 

Our Current Physicians Include:

Dr A. Vihvelin

Dr A. Lywood

Dr C. Hebb

Dr S. Ellsworth

Family Practice Nurse:

M. Flinn

**Important updates for patients:


We would like to announce a change of location of the practices at Clover Medical as of November 1, 2022.  All current patients will remain with their existing physicians.  Our doctors are not accepting new patients at this time.

Patients of Dr Vihvelin:

Dr Vihvelin’s practice will move to the Richmond Family Practice, 6155 North St, Halifax, NS.  She will continue to see patients at Clover Medical through the end of October.  Information on booking beyond this date at her new location will be released closer to the change. 

Patients of Dr Hebb and Dr Lywood:

Dr Hebb and Dr Lywood will move to Unit 307 - 5880 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax, NS.  They will continue to see their patients at Clover Medical through the end of October.  Information on booking beyond this date at their new location will be released closer to the change.

If you have any questions, please call administration at Clover Medical or send a message via your Pomelo portal.

Former patients of Dr Ellsworth:

I am very pleased to announce that a physician has been found to take over my medical practice. Dr Olusola Ojo is relocating from the UK with an anticipated start date of Sept. 12, 2022. We ask you to please wait until the first week of September to contact his office.


He will be joining a group of physicians at:

Clydes Medical Practice & Walk-In Clinic

Suite 50, 6140 Young St, Halifax, NS.

P: (902) 453-5386

F: (902) 445-4556



Patients will be automatically transferred to Dr Ojo. As a result, the planned transfer of medical records to the storage company was cancelled. Our offices are working together to arrange the direct transfer of patient medical records from Clover Medical Clinic to Clydes Medical Practice.


Some patients have informed our clinic that they already found themselves a new healthcare provider. We will also be working on the requests for transfers of their medical records to their new providers shortly, and we thank them for their patience. If you have found yourself a new provider and have not informed our office yet, please let Clover’s admin know so that your file can be updated appropriately.


To ensure future test results are properly reviewed, please:

-Remember to remove my name from your files at locations including the hospital, blood collection locations, and with your specialist(s) office. Update them with the name of your new provider.

-Do not use any outstanding or old requisitions from me. If you need future tests such as blood work, please get a new requisition from your new physician or specialist.

-Ensure your other healthcare providers/physicians have removed my name from their requisitions.

-If you have a test booked for after my departure, please ensure the hospital is aware of your new physician’s contact information so the result can be redirected appropriately. Ensure you review any future results with your physician.


Once again, thank you and I wish you all the very best in the future.



Dr Sandi Ellsworth